Phd students and young postdocs from all German robotics labs are
cordially invited to present their work at the

DGR-days 2012
Berlin, September 6-7, 2012

The DGR-days is the annual meeting of the German robotics community,
aiming to foster a visible and interdisciplinary forum for robotics in
Germany. Researchers from robotics, AI, cognitive science, psychology,
neuroscience, and other related disciplines are cordially

This year, young researchers in robotics will have the opportunity to
present their work. The goal is to provide a setting for mutual
feedback on participants' current research and to develop a supportive
community of scholars and a spirit of collaborative research. Young
researchers can gain experience at presenting their work in English in
a supportive scientific environment, and obtain constructive feedback
on the technical content of the work as well as how to present the
work and other related topics. The talks are scheduled on the first
day to encourage participants to continue discussions throughout the

To maximize diversity we generally aim to have presentations from a
large number of different labs, rather than many presentations from
the same lab.

Rules for submission of talk proposals

1) Young researchers (PhD students or postdocs at most 1 year after
PhD) can submit a talk proposal consisting of:

-- Title of the Talk

-- Researcher's name and status (e.g. years of PhD study)

-- Supervisor's name

-- Name/Location of the Lab

-- Abstract (in English), consisting of about 1/2 to full A4
page. The abstract should include: a) General Motivation and
problem definition, b) Discussion of related work, c) Own approach
and contributions

This must be prepared in consent with the supervisor.

2) Deadline for the submission of talk proposals is July 30th,
2012. Please send the plain text document to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3) After submission, if there are not sufficient time slots for all
presentations, the organizers will select presentations with the aim
to maximize diversity, not only technical contribution. Diversity
refers to topics as well as labs. If there will be many submissions
from the same lab we may contact the lab to help us select from them.

We hope to see you in Berlin on September 6-7!

Oliver Brock
Marc Toussaint